Saturday, 13 September 2008

And finally - we are at the end!

New Venue - The Open Channel Berlin

During the afternoon all participants were engaged in different workshop such as ...
Radio production,
Video production,
TV Studio production
Second Life workshop.


It's lunchtime.

For all of you who like to unravel a mystery as a dessert:

Who am I?

How time flies

After the discussion about media literacy and intercultural dialogue this morning and the spectacular live streaming to Japan, the presentation of different countries and media channels (internet, radio etc.) went on.

For example “Second Life” as a tool for intercultural dialogue.

Hello Europe! Hello Japan!

The idea of Community Media don’t stop @ national borders. Far from it. It’s a partnership around the world.

Another highli
ght of this conference is a Live-Internet-Connection
to the Kyoto
Media Festival.

2nd Day - The early bird catches the worm.

Again, it’s 9 am in the morning and the second day has already started. The main topic this morning will be the discourse about Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue.

Ph.D. Jan
e Banks, Ph.D. Jonathan David Tankel, Erick Möllberg and Armin Hottmann discussing this issue.

Friday, 12 September 2008

The first day draws to a close.

So it's time to remember all the good moments and interesting conversations.